Building Services and Garage Conversions in Pudsey | How to Design the Perfect Home Office in Your New Garage Conversion

As many have been working from home over the past few years, the need for more comfortable and productive spaces within our properties is on the rise. Did you try to work at one end of the kitchen table whilst the family studied, ate and played around you? Or have you resorted to the bedroom in your Pudsey home? This isn’t beneficial either, as it can affect sleep patterns due to the body’s inability to differentiate between work and rest areas.

We have the solution. ADT Construction Ltd offers a range of garage conversions that can be easily transformed into the perfect working environment. We also provide a number of building services, mostly loft conversions, house extensions and renovations for our residential clients. With our team’s experience and clever designs, we can create the perfect space for you to work productively in, away from the noise and distractions of a busy household.

The Perfect Home Office

We’ve put together a list of some features your new home office shouldn’t be without:

The Essentials
The most important purchase has to be a comfortable chair. You don’t want to be sitting on a hard kitchen chair, or a stool that doesn’t suit the height of your desk. Invest in an adjustable style for maximum comfort.

A large desk will allow you to spread out paperwork and avoid clutter. Modern desks have concealed areas for arranging cables, another bonus for those who prefer neatly arranged workspaces.

Make sure the lighting is not too harsh as you don’t want to suffer from eyestrain. As part of our garage and loft conversions services in Pudsey, our team can install a range of lighting options to ensure the environment is comfortable.

For clients who prefer the idea of more natural light, our electricians at ADT Construction will include roof lights for vertical brightness. These are a popular choice for many of our house extensions and renovations services.

Storage is definitely one of the most important factors. If you’ve gone to the expense of converting the garage in order to work productively, you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter. As we mentioned, a large desk with help. But you need shelving, cupboard space, and an area for filing – if that’s a vital part of your workload. We have a list of solutions to help, thanks to our clever storage ideas and innovative thinking.

Talk to us today about making life considerably easier with one of our renowned garage conversions.

In business together since 2019, ADT Construction is a team of professionals who will provide the perfectly productive home office space for you in your Pudsey property. Call us in Bradford for more information about our building services, including loft conversions, house extensions and renovations.

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